About Us

Pastor David Perry

Pastor David Perry is the transitional pastor at Venice Church.  He is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 1999.  In 2016, he joined the EPC serving churches in Petrolia and Fairview Borough, PA.

If you are in need of pastoral care, or would like to speak with David directly, please use his cell phone: 412-552-4121


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Jess Golden

Our Administrative Assistant, Jess Golden, has served on the staff of Venice Church since September 2007.

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Shari O'Rourke

Venice Church is pleased to welcome Shari O'Rourke as our new treasurer.  Shari began working with our former treasurer at the beginning of 2018 and as of February has assumed all duties.

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Erin Connors

Since September 2015, Erin Connors has served as our Music Director - leading our choir and coordinating our music ministry.

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History & Purpose

Venice Presbyterian Church (EPC), and its predecessors known by similar names, has always met in the same general location. Beginning in September of the year 1849 and continuing through to this day, the Church has gathered for worship, ministry, and fellowship activities along Route 50 in the village of Venice, Pennsylvania.

Purpose Statement:
To proclaim Jesus Christ, changing life now and for eternity.

Core Values:
1. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior
2. Scripture is truth, and is foundational.
3. Always reflect God's love.
4. Use all our resources to glorify God.

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Venice Cemetery

There is a loose relationship between the Church and the adjoining Venice Cemetery. Questions and information regarding Venice Cemetery may best be directed to Venice Cemetery c/o Mr. John Kaufman at 39 Grange Road, McDonald, PA or 724-745-1465.

If you wish to make a donation to be used for the Venice Cemetery, please make checks payable to Venice Church Cemetery Association.